10 Ways a Business Website Can Help You Succeed

how a small business website can help your company

1) It’s the first impression people get of your company.

If you Google a business and click through to their website, what do you expect to see? Probably something that looks like it was professionally designed, is easy to navigate, and contains the information you’re looking for. Right?

Well, that’s what people expect when they go to your site, too! So if your website doesn’t look professional, you can bet that your hard-earned visitors are likely to click the back button–and never return.

2) When people search for your goods and services, they want to be able to browse before they buy.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the customer again. If you’re searching for, say, a new Chinese restaurant to try, what information would you like to find before you commit? A restaurant location is nice, as are photos of the building. But more than anything, you probably want to see a menu, right? Of course! So when customers are looking for your services and products, they want to see what you offer before they commit to giving you their business. Give them a chance to explore and make sure to wow them right off the bat–you stand a much higher chance of them actually giving you their business this way.

3) If people can’t find your website, they assume your company is probably not up to date. Some may even assume you’ve gone out of business.

It’s 2015. The internet has been booming for quite some time. Plus, isn’t it true that everyone has a website these days?

Well, there are still a surprising number of companies that don’t have a website. And you know what happens to them? They get overlooked because people want to get accurate information quickly and easily. They want it on their time. And there’s simply no better way for people to find good information on a small business than by searching online. Don’t let your customers think your company isn’t “with the times”, or worse, has gone out of business. Show them you’re alive and well–and ready for their patronage!

4. Your company appears more trustworthy with a website.

When you build a website, you’re investing a lot of time and energy into your marketing strategy. You’re putting yourself out there so that your customers can connect more easily with you–and if you do it right, you’ll appear more trustworthy to them. Investing in a secure website with a sleek, professional design shows your customers that you really care about your their time and needs. By delivering a great experience, you’ll have established a strong foundation for their trust.

5. Websites can quickly sway a customer into choosing you over your competitors–if you impress them.

Let’s say you’re trying to choose between two places to buy a bike for your kid. One place has a crappy website that looks like it was last updated in 1996 and doesn’t bother to list current inventory or prices. The other is designed nicely, has videos and photos of the store and current products, and offers the chance to speak with an employee by typing into a chat box. Which are you going to be more likely to stick with? ‘Nuff said.

6. You can connect with your customers ways that phone calls would never allow.

When you’re calling to speak with a store employee, they can only do so much for you over the phone. They can answer simple questions and describe things to you to the best of their ability, and sometimes, that’s just what you need.

But what happens if you are able to contact someone through a website? You get to reference photos or attach items in an email for clarification. You can send the owner a message after business hours and know that they’ll respond when the store is open again. There are way more ways that you can connect with a customer virtually than via phone, and that’s why a website is a necessary tool to have in your toolbox. Sometimes customers prefer to contact you through your website.

7. It’s a spot where you can count on people visiting you for years to come.

Social media networks might come and go, but as long as you put effort into your website and continue to pay for hosting, you’ll have a permanent spot on the internet. It’s dangerous to build an entire following on something that’s as ephemeral as social media–there’s always something newer, bigger, and better out there. So if you maintain control over your own little space on the web, you’ll be better off in the long run.

8. It’s easier for appointment-based businesses to cater to customers.

Let’s say you run an appointment-based business such as a hair salon. Wouldn’t it be nice for customers to be able to schedule appointments online? You’d be free to work with customers rather than constantly answering the phone and booking appointments. If you offer a mobile service such as plumbing, it’s handy for people to be able to see how far you travel and when you can come to help. By offering online scheduling, you eliminate the need to constantly answer the phone to help customers. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should get rid of the phone altogether; rather, it simply allows you to utilize other methods of serving your customers so that you can do your job to the best of your ability.

9. It offers a showcase for your reviews.

If you have a bunch of positive reviews, you can show them on your website! Reviews from multiple sites, such as Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List, will show customers that without a doubt you care for your clients and go the extra mile for them. You can even ask people for a testimonial to feature on your website! Your clients and customers will love to be involved with your continued success if they value your services.

10. You can showcase different kinds of media than you could anywhere else.

Want to put together videos? You can do that with ease on YouTube and link to them on your site. Want to start a newsletter so your customers can always stay caught up with your newest offers? It’s simple to do that when you have your own space on the web! You could even choose to offer a virtual tour of your office or services so that your customers can get to know you before they even step foot inside your business. You can do all of this at your website in the way you want to–and you would never be able to offer these great bonuses via phone or newspaper.

Can you think of any other reasons that companies should have their own website? Let us know!

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